5 Fun Practical Jokes that Won’t Hurt Anyone … Badly


April Fool’s Day is only just around the corner. Gags and pranks not your strong suit? There are literally hundreds online to read up on, including some great options from Spencer’s: http://www.spencersonline.com/spencers-products_gag-gift/. Some of my favourites – while not necessarily painful, are certainly embarrassing!

Phone Pranks

Phone gags and pranks are so simple to organise and a total nightmare for the person being pranked. All you need is a little creativity, and someone to leave their phone attended while they go to the bathroom. One of the most confusing phone gag is renaming people in their contacts list – a particularly evil combination is swapping Mom for their girlfriend: just imagine! Changing their bosses name to a buddies, or even just muddling names around will send them into a flurry. Another silly phone prank is organising keyboard shortcuts to autocorrect certain words or phrases to other things – especially good when they don’t realise for weeks!

Easter Prank

This one is just gross, but in perfect time for Easter in the next few weeks. It takes hardly any preparation, all you need is a regular hen egg, milk chocolate, and foil. You can imagine what comes next I’m sure. Leave the egg uncooked, and melt the milk chocolate on a medium heat either in the microwave or in a saucepan. Coat the egg in the melted chocolate and refrigerate. When the chocolate has set, wrap the egg in foil and leave out for your unsuspecting victim! Get ready to enjoy the terror on their faces when they bite right into a raw egg – bleugh!

Car Prank

IMPORTANT: This prank is not physically dangerous for the driver, or anyone on the road. It is really only a nuisance for the person driving.

This prank was done to a friend of mine a few years ago, and he was so confused! I don’t recommend anyone who isn’t good with cars attempting this, but there is a way to connect the horn to the brake lights, meaning whenever they put their foot on the brakes the horn sounds! A safer, less technical car prank is putting glitter into the air-conditioning unit. Hilarious, and makes such a mess! They won’t be able to get rid of the glitter for months.

Food Pranks

There are hundreds of different gags and pranks you can pull with food, some of my favourites are toothpaste for whipped cream in deserts (or Oreos!) chilli flakes in cereal, tabasco on just about anything – the least obvious the better! All are sure to cause a disgusted reaction, just watch them cringe…

Water Prank

This is so easy and also totally humiliating for the person being pranked! Tell someone you can pin a glass of water to the wall (a real glass, not a paper cup) using an ordinary pin. Obviously they won’t believe you – so set out to prove them wrong, preferably in front of a crowd! Get a glass of water and a pin. Hold the glass up to the wall and start to pin it up – drop the pin on the ground. You’ve got the glass of water in perfect position against the wall, so ask the person being pranked to pick the pin up for you. When they bend down to pick it up, simply dump the water on their head. They’ll be left soaking wet and wondering how they were so silly in the first place.

For more great gags and pranks, check out this article of ultimate practical jokes.

What are some of your favourite gags and pranks? Any suggestions?

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